English Amateur Radio Station, M0NFE

This page is maintained by amateur radio operator Nick, M0NFE. Here you'll find information about my station, and various articles I've written about Amateur Radio. You can email me using nick@m0nfe.com.

Station overview

The primary station location is at Maidenhead Locator JO01im48, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, England. About 35 miles East of London. There are more details, including modes and equipment, on my station page and over on QRZ.com.

Useful information

Articles about Amateur Radio

Below are some articles I've written about Amateur Radio. When I publish something new, you'll find it added to the bottom of this list.

  1. Your Name in Morse Code November 2014
  2. Baofeng UV-B6 disassembly & drilling for audio December 2014
  3. Getting into DMR March 2015
  4. I made a ham radio clickbait title generator. First you'll be shocked, then you'll be inspired. March 2015
  5. Leixen VV-898 Pinout and Programming June 2015
  6. Demystifying Decibels November 2015