Monday Night Net: Live streams

The Essex Ham Monday Night Net is an amateur radio net held on UK repeater GB3DA in Danbury, UK (loc. JO01GR).

Each Monday night at 8pm local, we get together for a chat on the air, facilitated by a Net Controller who makes sure each person gets a chance to speak (an over) and that new stations have a regular space to join in.

The goal of the online streams is to allow those interested in amateur radio but lacking the equipment to get a taste of the net by listening to us online. We welcome the streams and their listeners and encourage those who can to join us on air — everybody's welcome.


This is a 16kbps, low bandwidth, high quality stream using the modern opus codec. You'll need a recent browser like Chrome or Firefox, or a media player like VLC to listen.


This stream uses UStream, a free but advert supported provider. This is higher bandwidth, at 48kbps. While UStream is a video site, the stream is audio-only. It's well supported by browsers and has a mobile app.

Essex Ham Stream

Essex Ham who run the Monday Night Net provide their own MP3 stream. This is a high quality stream with good browser support using a popup player which falls back to Flash.


This walkie-talkie style app for mobile and tablet has a number of public chat channels. Southeast Radio Club maintain a scanner which sometimes catches the nets on GB3DA.

Can't hear anything?

We hold a net every Monday apart from the third Monday of the month when we meet up in person at the CARS Skills Night. If you'd like to put a face or two to the names and callsigns, come and meet us!